The only way we are able to create an experience like the Street Choir for our unhoused neighbors is through the generosity of people like you. It costs us about $20/singer to rehearse on a monthly basis, which covers paying incentives to our singers, hiring an accompanist, and other incidental costs. That does not account for the costs of hiring buses for concerts, or other occasional expenses.

Please consider sponsoring the Street Choir with a recurring monthly donation in the amount that works for you. Monthly donations are great for your budget and for ours, because they allow us to plan ahead. Even $5 a month makes a huge difference! Or sponsor a singer at $20 a month. Every dollar helps!

Or, if you would prefer to support the Street Choir with a one-time donation, we would be thrilled to put your donation to good use immediately.

Other ways to help

We are looking to for in-kind partners to help us as we interact with the community. Specifically we are seeking:
– a t-shirt printer to donate shirts for our members
– a transportation company or church to provide buses for us as we perform around Springfield
– restaurants to provide meals before performances
– corporate financial sponsorships of any of the above

Right now, we don’t really need volunteers for the Street Choir, per se. However, next door at Kyla’s Kloset, where our singers receive clothing, food, and other essential supplies, they are eternally in need of help sorting, hanging, and distributing clothes. And, if you help on Tuesdays, you get to hear our rehearsal through the wall!
Sign up to volunteer here.
Our meals are provided by the Gathering Friends Outreach Group. If you are interested in getting involved with them, click here to join their FB group.

Our singers and their friends rely on the outreach at Kyla’s Kloset for many of their physical needs. They need:
– easy-to-open (pop-top) canned meals like canned pasta, vienna sausage, soups, etc
– packaged snacks like crackers and cookies
– jeans, particularly in small men’s sizes
– hoodies, coats and other winter gear
– blankets
– tarps
– tents
– backpacks
– hand-warmers (Hot-Hands)
You can bring donations to 1109 E Commercial on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-5pm.

The Springfield Street Choir is a project of Springfield Chamber Chorus, a 501(c)3 organization.