The Springfield Street Choir would love to sing at your event! Due to the unique nature of our group, we have several requirements for presenting organizations.

  1. Because we are a non-profit, donation-sustained organization, we ask that a performance honorarium is given to continue the good work of the Street Choir.
  2. We require presenters to provide transportation to all venues outside of the immediate vicinity of our home base at 1109 E Commercial St. This can be provided by either paying for buses to transport the choir, or by providing buses directly.
  3. Presenters must provide a meal for the choir, appropriate to the time of day. Please remember that many of our members have minimal access to dental care and are unable to eat apples, hard bread, etc.
  4. We will provide presenters with the appropriate verbiage to introduce the Street Choir.
  5. We will not agree to limit the number of performers we travel with, or to exclude wheelchair users or singers with disabilities. Please plan accordingly.
  6. The Street Choir repertoire to be performed is at the exclusive discretion of Director Katie Kring. Song requests should be submitted well in advance, and will be considered, but we make no promises.